‘Florida Joker’ Asks to Voice ‘GTA VI’ Character: ‘I’m Really Not Trying to Sue Y’all’

The man, named Lawrence Sullivan, says he wants to lend his voice while also securing a royalty deal with the game.

(Image via @lawrence.sullivan0

Lawrence Sullivan, the man known as the Florida Joker, is trying to get Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to let him voice the character he thinks is inspired by him in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto VI.

Earlier this week, Sullivan shared a video on his TikTok where he explained he doesn't want to take legal action with Rockstar and Take-Two allegedly using his likeness for one of the new characters in the game. According to Sullivan, he wants to handle things peacefully, and the only way to do that is to voice the character while also getting a royalty deal in the process. 

"GTA, GTA, we gotta talk, Take Two, we gotta talk. I'm really not trying to sue y'all, so I'm giving y'all an extra month," he said. "Hit me up. Let me voice the character. Let me voice the character. Give me more storyline in the game and give me a few [million]. Give me a royalty deal off it. Let's make history happen man." 

He continued, "Y'all see what I did for the game. We made news, we made the blogs, everybody covered me. Everybody love me man. Everyone know me as the GTA VI Joker, the Florida Joker...Stop playing with me GTA VI. Where's my money? Call me let's make this deal happen. I ain't trying to do all these lawsuits or lawyers. All this and that but if I got to I will. Y'all got a month to hit me up. Let me voice the characer, throw me some bread. Let's work, GTA we gotta talk, Take Two where my money at let's go!"

Sullivan first threatened Rockstar and Take Two last month when he saw a character that looked similar to him in the record-breaking trailer. He demanded Rockstar pay him $1-$2 million for using his look as inspiration and followed that up with another demand for even more money. Things went to another level when Sullivan dyed his hair purple in the same way as the character to prove his likeness was used without permission

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