Dominic Fike Talks 'Euphoria' Sobriety Coach, Unclear of Show's Return: 'I Don't Really Talk to Them Anymore'

Fike stated it was easier playing a drug addict in the upcoming film 'Little Death' as the director is one of his friends.

(Photo by John Salangsang/Variety via Getty Images)

Dominic Fike recently opened up about being a drug addict and playing one on the HBO series Euphoria while also sharing he was appointed a sobriety coach, which turned out to be a failure.

In his conversation with Variety, Fike reflected on playing a drug addict on a show that focuses on addiction and drug use. Fike is currently starring as a drug addict in a film titled Little Death, which is directed by his friend and music video director Jack Begert.

Fike stated it was easier playing a drug addict in Little Death than it was in Euphoria because he got to work with someone who knew about his real-life addiction. According to Fike, he was given a sobriety coach to stay sober for the HBO series, but the person wasn't familiar with who he was, and that made things uneasy. 

"I actually am a pretty big drug addict myself, believe it or not," Fike said. "When I was on Euphoria, they kind of just gave me a coach who would just talk to you. It was just some random lady. Jack is one of my best friends, so it made it a lot easier, obviously."

Fike said he and the sober coach "had nothing in common. We didn't come from the same places or the same problems. It was hard to take advice from someone like that or give a shit."

As for the upcoming third season of Euphoria, Fike says it "would be dope" to be back on the show but made it clear that he "don't really talk to them anymore."

Fike starred in Euphoria Season 2 as Elliot, a drug user who accepted Rue's (played by Zendaya) relapse and found himself in an interesting love triangle with Rue and Jules (Hunter Schafer).

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