Brittany Renner Surprises Charleston White With a 'Wet' Lap Dance

Renner was told to "chill" so that she wouldn't destroy any of the podcast equipment with water.

(Photo by Unique Nicole / Getty Images)

Brittany Renner is back in headlines again, this time for giving an odd lapdance to none other than internet comedian Charleston White.

In the latest episode of The Danza Project podcast, Renner and White appeared as guests, and at one point during the show, the comedian reflected on how he's "never been wet," referring to getting doused in water. Renner appeared taken aback by White's statement and asked if he wanted to "get wet." 

White pleaded with Renner not to spill any water on him, but the internet personality proceeded to sit on his lap and began twerking her butt on the comedian's crotch. Once she was done, things got out of hand when Renner threw water at the host and White for no apparent reason. 

A man off-camera appeared in the shot and told Renner to "chill" with throwing water as he didn't want the podcast equipment to get damaged. Renner suddenly started shaking her backside again as everyone gathered themselves, and then she hugged White.

What’s happening? #brittanyrenner #charlestonwhite

— The Danza Project (@Thedanzaproject) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @Thedanzaproject

Fans in the comment section of The Danza Project's post that shared the moment questioned if Renner was on some type of drug due to her odd behavior.

Her son in school in 10 years

— Proxy (@ProxyCFC) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @ProxyCFC

Me if I was Charleston White and Brittany Renner gave me a lap dance

— Villain aka Threat (@uHThreaT) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @uHThreaT

What drugs is Brittany Renner on in this clip?

— Earl Manly (@BigDaddyGirth) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @BigDaddyGirth

Y’all still don’t think colorism is a thing? The energy y’all give Sexyy Red for being “too hood” y’all don’t give that same energy towards Brittany Renner who’s clearly on drugs with no decorum out here acting like a teenage slut.

— Toni Childs (@Vitaminndeee) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @Vitaminndeee

face of PJ Washington when he sees that Brittany Renner/Charleston White video:

— Black Outside ✭ (@All_Cake88) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @All_Cake88

Ngl that Charles White interview with Brittany Renner is wild. A lot of men thinks that she looks good physically, but bra, that girl is damaged and needs some real help. Girls that be getting wasted and begins to behave like that is super unattractive bro.

— Davian (@Davewaveyy) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @Davewaveyy

That Brittany Renner shit is outta pocket. She literally showed her ass on that podcast. Her team gotta have her therapist on the line right after that. 🤦🏾‍♂️

— Ron (@ronsavage90) August 29, 2023
Twitter: @ronsavage90

An odd lap dance from Brittany Renner isn't the only headline Charleston White has been a part of lately. Last Saturday, White was involved in an altercation with Suede the Plug God, whom he was supposed to fight in a boxing match.

In the footage shared online, Suede approached and shoved White, who then hit him with the blunt end of a flip knife the comedian referred to as a "pig poker." White's hit caused a laceration to White's head, and ironically enough, all this happened after Charleston White pepper-sprayed Suede during their face-off just days before. 

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