‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ Continue Box Office Domination With Huge $93 Million and $46 Million Second Weekends

The 'Barbenheimer' phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

(Image via @barbie/Instagram), (Image via @oppenheimermovie/Instagram)

Barbie and Oppenheimer kept the momentum going at the box office as both films scored big in their second weekends.

The Margot Robbie-led film about the iconic doll took the No. 1 spot for the second week in a row bringing in a whopping $93 million at the domestic box office and an additional $122 million overseas. Globally the film has made $774.5 million, already making it the third-biggest film of the year worldwide. 

Oppenheimer, on the other hand, remained in second place with an impressive $46.2 million domestically, and $72.4 million overseas, pushing its global number to $400.4 million. 

Since its release two weeks ago, Oppenheimer is on pace to become Nolan's biggest non-superhero film of all time, which, wow.

Both Barbie and Oppenheimer were expected to have a good run at the box office, especially with the "Barbenheimer" craze that took off prior to the release of both films.

The infinite memes and and relentless online chatter helped make the simultaneous release of the films one of the biggest theatrical events in recent memory.

"Barbenheimer was never going to happen on your TV. It's just not," said Michael O'Leary, president, and CEO of the National Association of Theater Owners in the United States, in a statement per CNN. "You have to go into the theater to experience it."

O'Leary acknowledged that the "Barbenheimer" event has reinvigorated the movie theater experience that was ravaged the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the CEO, people want to be “sitting in a theater with world-class projection and sound systems, having an immersive experience alongside other people."

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