Rumored Pokémon Title for Nintendo Switch Will Have Two Versions

Fans are desperate for any and all news about the next Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. If rumors are right, there'll be two editions in classic Pokémon tradition.

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

The rumor mill surrounding a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch is churning so thoroughly that the following news is far too detailed and corroborated not to be true—Pokémon: Let’s Go will come in two editions, with options being Pikachu or Eevee-centric versions, according to ComicBook.Com.

All of this began when industry soothsayer Emily Rogers claimed in a ResetEra forum thread that a new dual-version Pokémon game would be released this year. This is essentially a first, substantial clue that just rings true. Pokémon has had a longstanding tradition of offering up contrasting versions of the same game, which complement each other and cleverly warrant a double purchase. 

The next development in this rumor ride came in Rogers’ blog post Monday night, in which she claimed the new games were inspired by Pokémon Go’s success, and that an accessory like the peripheral Pokémon Go Plus device wasn’t out of the question here. Most notably, Rogers stated that the branding of the upcoming games would “raise a few eyebrows” after being announced—which, according to her, will be happening at the end of this month. Already, we’re seeing potential logos spring up online.

Meanwhile, 4chan contributed to the theories and rumor developments, in a welcome turn of events that lets us all notice how the anonymous message board can sometimes lead to positive, appreciative content. 

As you can see, the dual-version Pikachu/Eevee theory makes a reappearance here, as does the mention of a new accessory—which would purportedly also work for Pokémon Go. Additionally, this particular commenter reiterates that the games would be announced soon, with a 2018 release date. This thing seems more and more real as the minutes pass by. 

In terms of the new accessory, rumors have it that you’ll be catching Pokémon through motion-controls that simulate tossing PokéBalls. Besides that, the only other remaining info we have at this time regards the setting, which is apparently the Kanto region. 

There you have it, folks. As far as rumors go, this seems pretty legit. While there have been some incredibly complex and seemingly valid rumors in the past, that turned out to be nothing but mere trolls and mean-spirited pranks, it certainly seems like all of the above comes from a place of truth. It just makes sense, when you put the pieces together.

Get excited, Pokémon fans—new game(s) incoming.

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