Method Man Tells Yung Miami to Ignore Critics After 'BMF' Cameo Criticism

Method Man has given Yung Miami an inspiring message in the wake of her widely criticized cameo appearance on 50 Cent's highly popular 'BMF.’

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Method Man has told Yung Miami she should ignore her critics in the wake of her widely panned cameo appearance on 50 Cent’s BMF.

The City Girls rapper played the role of Deanna Washington, who at one point in the show was informed by Big Meech’s character about the death of her husband. Critics on Twitter tore apart what was meant to be a gut-wrenching moment, as Yung Miami’s fake crying became a source of hilarity for many viewers. 

However, Method Man spoke to TMZ and said Miami should just keep going and ignore the “white noise” that people have been saying about her acting chops.

“Fuck people, people are mean,” Method Man said as he hustled to his car in New York City. “White noise. White noise...I love the City Girls they’re dope.” 

The trolling was relentless following Yung Miami’s appearance, with many laughing at the Florida rapper’s acting abilities.

“Caresha had me screaming on BMF last night,” wrote one user. “She’s mad funny.”

Miami saw that tweet in particular and replied with a side eye emoji, writing: “It wasn’t funny lol.”

Regardless, the trolling continued.

BMF was renewed for a third season in January shortly after the Season 2 premiere brought in 4.1 million multiplatform viewers.

50 Cent celebrated his show’s success and the renewal with an Instagram post which saw him hyping up three BMF spin-offs in the pipeline.

“MF is on fire season 3 here we go,” he wrote. “Spin offs on the way BMF IMMORTALS 1,2,and 3 BOOM GLGGreenLightGang I don’t miss!”

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