FBF: In 2007, Celebrities Managed to Go to Coachella Without Wearing Offensive Outfits

10 years ago, celebrities hadn't yet learned cultural appropriation for their Coachella 'fits.

paris hilton coachella

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paris hilton coachella

Coachella SZN is upon us, and for some reason, celebrities feel compelled to pack their bags full of "stylish" outfits that are usually robbing a culture of their sacred traditions. Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner and Sarah Hyland are just a few of the stars who've worn bindis to Coachella—Hindu religious symbols that aren't supposed to be treated as fashion accessories. Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio wore a holy Native American headdress in 2014 to get "inspired" for Coachella.  It's unclear why these people feel they need to borrow culturally rich traditions just to get ready to get drunk and watch Radiohead or whatever. 

The Complex crew is heading out to the festival with Chevy, driving from Los Angeles to the desert in Palm Springs in the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV.  No gas station stops + free wifi + banging speakers = the ideal car for a road trip. Before we left, we wanted inspiration from looks of Chella's past—and not the ones that are going to offend people. So, we took a deep dive into the Getty Image archives to see what Coachella looked like 10 years ago, in 2007. Turns out, back then, nobody felt the need to headdresses, bindis, *or* flower crowns. Take us back to 2007 Coachella! 

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan coachella

Even perpetually problematic Lindsay Lohan managed to wear something normal for Coachella. 

Paris Hilton


If 2007 Paris Hilton wore something harmless, you can too, 2017 celebrities! 

Drew Barrymore


Black hat. Sunglasses. Band tee-shirt. Drew Barrymore gets it. 

Cameron Diaz

coachella cameron diaz

Nothing to see here, unless you really hate purposely distressed jeans.

Kelly Osbourne & Amy Winehouse

kelly osbourne amy winehouse

Extra points for Kelly Osbourne for taking off her heels. Down with the patriarchy! 

Peaches & Danny Devito 


If you want to wear something weird to Coachella, be like Peaches in 2007, who went as a pink alien of some sort but managed to stay away from dashikis and headdresses. 

Peaches & Jessica Alba 

coachella peaches jessica alba

Peaches might look like she has pink eye but Jessica Alba clearly DGAF. 

Peaches & Ron Jeremy

coachella peaches ron jeremy

People, if RON JEREMY can do it, so can you. #WearSomethingInoffensiveToCoachella2017 

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