The Ari Gold Soundboard

Nobody has a filthier mouth than the Entourage super agent, and now it's working for you!

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With only four episodes of Entourage left, we’re already starting to feel a sense of separation anxiety from our favorite ball-busting superagent, Ari Gold (played with enraged panache by Jeremy Piven). While the show's plotlines have their highs (like the great race to get laid, between the equally inept E and Turtle) and lows (any of Turtle’s relationships), the gang’s representation has been, without fail, one of the most consistently awesome parts of the show.

Sure, Ari might be going through a rough patch right now, but we know our dude is going out like a champ, insults a-blazing. To pay proper homage to the man of a million quotables, Complex presents to you The Ari Gold Soundboard, complete with some of the greatest snippets to bless our screens. Simply click on Ari’s BlackBerry digits to relive some of your favorites and ensure that the sound of his screams lives on well past the series finale.

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