"Titanfall" Remakes Classic Arcade Games; 8-bit is Better With a Titan

8-Bit classics now with Titans!

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Since the Titanfallbeta ended I've been mentally inserting Titans into every game I've played. Turns out the developer, Respawn, is doing the same thing. Now you can you drop a Titan into classic arcade games and play in your browser; hell you even get an Arc Cannon.

In Titanfall Arcade gamers can play arcade classic Asteroids with a Titan now. Soon to be unlocked will be Missile Command and Centipede. “8-Bit is better with a Titan.” I couldn't agree more.

Play the Titanfall Arcade here for next week's big release Titanfall on March 11 for Xbox One and Windows PC and March 25 for Xbox 360.

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[Via Titanfall Arcade]

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