Chill Winston, Stop Screaming Because PIP Uses Your Stress-Level To Control Games

Relax your way to victory!

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Galvanic Ltd has released plans for its portable stress management device to make your stress level a controller within games.

The Personal Input Pod, or PIP, is held between two fingers and captures your galvanic responses to whatever your current stress levels may be.

PIP features the ability to connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth to measure a players stress level in real-time and to translate those signals into controls. One of Galvanic's prototype games Relax and Race in which two players, each with PIP's, compete in a dragon race. The lower your stress the faster your dragons fly.

Another example is Lie Detective, a lie-detector which uses stress patters to determine if the "player" is answering correctly or lying through their teeth. Sounds like a great first date activity.

Prototypes of PIP are being tested and it's Kickstarter goes live on June 17. Galvanic promises a Software Development Kit to create their own applications.

[Via Gamasutra]

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