Classic "Super Mario Bros." Crushed In Under Five Minutes (Video)

NES classic "Super Mario Bros." has been beaten in under five minutes.

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After all that hammer dodging, mushroom eating and avoiding of carnivorous plants, how long did it take you to finish the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classic Super Mario Bros.? A few hours of thumb ache and nail biting? Well, a new world record has been set and it's madness. The 1985 classic has been crushed in under five minutes. That's shorter than most game trailers.

After years of players speed-running the grandaddy of gaming it is hard to see how it could be completed any quicker yet they've found tiny ways to get ahead. For instance if Mario lands at the top of a flagpole he'll walk to the castle at the end of each level 11 frames faster. It's that sort of planning that can help you crush Super Mario Bros. on your bathroom break.

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