Official "Call of Duty: Ghosts" Campaign Trailer Revealed (Video)

Odin no!

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Good afternoon Internet. Have you melted your face off yet? Well here you go! The official Call of Duty: Ghostssingle player campaign trailer has been revealed.

What's in store? A whole new world filled with new enemies and epic set-pieces, including space stations and possible the earliest historical depiction of space marines in a video game. A dystopian America where attack dogs take down helicopters! Not to mention the touchy feely family story of the life of stabbin' and shootin' for the red white and blue.

As many new titles, including the upcoming Titanfall, do away with its single player experience in favor of devoting all its resources to multiplayer, we're glad to see the Call of Duty giving some love to the single player narrative. The series has a history of epic single player stories and moreover ridiculous set-pieces like the surprise nuke detonation in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare where the player is left bewildered and left to stumble around until dead not fully grasping what the hell just happend.

Break out the gun oil and start polishing up those controllers because Call of Duty: Ghosts drops November 5.

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