This Rat Carrying a Slice of Pizza Down the Subway Stairs Is Literally All of Us

Even this rat knows the NYC struggle.

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What a time to be alive. Today an NYC rat was caught on video carrying an ENTIRE slice of pizza down a flight of subway stairs. (Master Splinter, that you??) Unforch, it gives up before reaching the bottom of the stairs and runs off. :-( 

If you've ever eaten a struggle pizza meal on the subway and had to ditch that shit before rolling up to your important meeting or whatever, then you feel this rat. This video is literally all of us. We are Pizza Rat, and this is our New York struggle. 

Unsurprisingly, Pizza Rat instantly became a Twitter joke:

A New York subway rat carrying a slice of pizza is the only "Stars! They're Just Like Us!" we've ever needed.
New York's hottest Halloween costume has arrived #pizzarat
Motion for pizza rat to replace Taylor Swift as ambassador of New York
the buried lede of the pizza rat video is that chicago pizza just can't be carried down stairs, thus ultimately proving its irrelevance
Pizza Rat is the new The Dress except instead of dividing us it unites us.

NYC rats, never change.

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