Don't Watch Horror Film 'Lights Out' If You're Afraid of the Dark

Serious nightmare fuel.

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You might have to start sleeping with the lights on after watching this movie.

Capitalizing on the greatest source of fear from everyone's childhood, Lights Out takes those shadowy figures your over-active imagination makes you think you see and turns them into real, terrifying demons lurking in the dark. This is David F. Sandberg's feature-length debut, based off his 2013 video short of the same name, but he's got horror expert James Wan to produce, and as expected, there are some serious Insidious/The Conjuring vibes.  

Teresa Palmer stars alongside Gabriel Bateman (the little boy from the James Wan-produced Conjuring spin-off, Annabelle) as siblings being haunted by a scary-ass woman who appears only when the lights are out. The trailer hints that this unwelcome spirit has something to do with their mother's past. 

Watch the terrifying trailer above, which doesn't go easy on all those jumpy scares. Lights Out comes out July 22, a month after the Wan-directed Conjuring 2 (out June 10). It's gonna be one hell of a summer '16. 

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