Terry Crews Reveals the Crazy Way He Got His First Big Break

Started as Ice Cube's security, now he's here.

The most recent celebrity to take First We Feast's Hot Ones challenge is none-other than Terry Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star who you may also remember from Everybody Hates Chris and White Chicks. When Crews wasn't hallucinating from the most insane hot sauces thrown at him, he was waxing nostalgic on his past, including the unconventional way he got his first big break.

"I was locations security," Crews began, "so I would do a bunch of different movies. It just so happened that I was on Next Friday. 'Cuz I was like the biggest guy, so they would assign me right outside of (Ice Cube's) trailer."

Crews remembers Cube parking on the set, greeting him with a "hey, Mr. Cube," and Cube being really "dismissive," but says that Cube remembered Crews being an extra in Training Day. "That's when he was like 'hey that's the dude that was out there doing security and the whole thing.'" This lead to Crews getting an opportunity for Friday After Next, which he said changed their lives "forever."

As Sean Evans put it, Crews was "studying from the sidelines." Keep that in mind when you're working on the path towards your dreams: anything is possible, even if it's just you taking notes or observing from the outside.

Check out the full episode of Hot Ones with Terry Crews today.

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