The Best 'Super Mario Maker 2' Levels for Nintendo Switch

There are over 5 million levels for 'Super Mario Maker 2'. From "3D Maze" to "Parallel Universe," here are the best levels for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Maker 2

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Super Mario Maker 2

On June 28, 2019, Nintendo released their latest mega-successful Nintendo Switch title, Super Mario Maker 2. The platformer, which was a major upgrade to its equally-successful Wii U predecessor, lifted a bunch from Super Mario 3D World, added an impressive single-player story mode, and seems to already be making a splash with the audience, becoming the best-selling game in Japan. One of the game's biggest selling points is that users can create their own levels, full of obstacles from the history of the Super Mario series, giving gamers from beginner levels to the most expert-y of experts a challenge (or a bunch of laughs).

That community has been churning out courses in full force; Nintendo recently announced that they've hit the five million course mark, which is a testament to the user base and the quality of the game. Super Mario Maker 2 courses come in all shapes and sizes, from courses that will teach you the dynamics of Super Mario Maker 2 to those that will need a precise amount of timing and skill to advance. The replay value on this title is through the roof, as new and exciting features are being discovered regularly.

Heard of the game and want to dive into the best Super Mario Maker 2 has to offer? Look no further. We've cultivated a list of the 10 best Super Mario Maker 2 user-created levels that will not only give you a great idea of the possibilities of the game but also show you the varying ways creators are expressing themselves with the title. Grab your Switch controller and log on.

11. Automatic 1-1

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We know it's weird to want to play a level where you actually play the game, but marvelling at the amount of skill it takes to make a level where you can just sit back and watch Mario be pushed around a perfect recreation of the NES' Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 is genius. Kudos to having Mario interact with the stage—he's getting mushrooms, coins, and flowers like you were actually picking up the sticks.

10. Super Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird

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Level ID: 6DK-1JL-L5G

Fans of the 3D Nintendo Cube game Super Mario Sunshine will remember the saga of the Sand Bird. While not the most visually impressive stage on the lot, the dedication to recreating this creature is a favorite among Super Mario diehards. You essentially encounter the Sand Bird, fully formed, and grab a batch of keys while riding on its back. Simple and plain, but also fun as hell.

9. 3D Maze House

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Level ID: P59-698-55G

One of the newest levels on this list finds intriguing ways to make an homage to dungeon-crawlers of the past like Rogue and Eye of the Beholder. It's creative, as they mix a number of mediums to pull off the throwback layout of those older titles. it's a totally different user layout than the side-scrolling you see throughout the game, and that's part of the fun.

8. You vs. Boo (SMB Deluxe)

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Level ID: 24G-5X3-D2H

As you can see, one of the biggest pastimes for Super Mario Maker 2 creators is to remix situations and stages from past games, and this level is no different. In it, a race between you and Boo (lifted from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe from the Game Boy Color) is recreated, primarily because the stage's creator saw that Super Mario Maker 2 had incorporated the On/Off switches. It's a creative level that you might not get the first time playing, but a handy reset door makes it easy to jump back into the race.

7. The NES TMNT Dam Level

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Level ID: 4JQ-NTG-O2G

As a kid, one of the most frustrating levels I'd ever played on the NES was the dam level from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I may have actually never beaten it if I'm being honest. Being timed, you had to disarm a bunch of things while avoiding random electricity and other things that could mess you up. Seeing this stage being recreated in Super Mario Maker 2 is frightening, but also a stroke of genius.

6. True Friendship

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While I initially thought this level would be more about Mario and Yoshi, I appreciate the story weaved into this level. Mario having to rely on the Koopa to get him out of the obstacles in each area (and having to make sure the Koopa can press on to help him) is handled so perfectly, you almost wish levels like these were incorporated into more traditional Super Mario games.

5. Switch x Switch

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Level ID: DRC-S88-TDF

Remember those On/Off switches we mentioned earlier? This level is one of the best examples of how to utilize the switch. They play a huge part of the level, and while they are used primarily to progress through the level, you will have to make sure you're using your noodle, as there are stretches where you can't half-ass your jumps. Fall short and you'll end up in the lava, early!

4. Parallel Universe

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Level ID: NC5-Y8P-DBG

This is one of those levels that does exactly what it says on the tin. You'll have to guide Mario to the end by hopping through a parallel universe to gain power-ups, keys, and more. It can get kind of confusing but is a level that can take a bit to master and unlock all of its secrets. It's also just beautifully laid out. A real standout of level design.

3. Suntouch Sanctuary

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Level ID: 78K-JP3-CYG

A level so beautiful that you wish they had this technology back in the '80s; it could've fit perfectly in the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. This is one of those levels that, visually, feels like something you'd get as a part of the single-player campaign. It's a level that can trip you up, but also one that you'll feel rewarded for mastering.


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Level ID: 5CM-J5S-0KF

Remember that Raiders of the Lost Ark scene where Indiana Jones is chased by that big ass boulder? That's basically this scene (sans Mario taking the Golden Idol). Mario's being chased by a cannon that's destroying everything in its wake, making this level a mad dash full of bombs, icicles, lava, and much more. It's a wild run, with all kinds of destruction and mayhem. This is one of those levels that'll take a bit to understand, but once you get it? It's a beautifully insane ride.

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