Remember That Time Ronnie and Sam Were the Most Dysfunctional Couple on the Planet?

Even at the end (of 'Jersey Shore'), Ronnie and Sam's relationship was in peril.

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Earlier this week, to the surprise of absolutely no one who watched MTV's Jersey Shore, word broke that reality show alums Ronnie and Sammi Sweatheart are back together after reportedly breaking up back in August of 2014. Throughout six seasons of the insane show The Jersey Shore could have been retitled The Ron and Sam Show, as their on-again, off-again relationship was a HUGE part of the show's progression. At times their infatuation with each other turned violently abusive, to the point where it seemed like they were more in love with fighting than each other.

To each their own, but who needs all of those headaches?

One of the other big movements in the various Jersey Shore houses was pulling pranks, and it was a prank that Sammi played on Vinny and Pauly that caused the above Season 6 dustup between Ronnie and Sammi. In the last episode of the final season Vinny and Pauly threw Sammi and Ron's inflatable bed up on the roof but ended up popping it. Ronnie wasn't happy about it, and instead of going in on Vinny and Pauly about it, he took his frustrations out on Sammi. This sort of thing was a constant in their relationship from the beginning—something small would turn into something HUGE, and because they both seemed to love the art of arguing (dropping all kinds of foul words at each other like it's nothing), it turned into Ronnie saying shit like "Well, maybe the grass really is greener" when what he really meant to say was "Sammi, I love you, but the first way I manifest this feeling is to hurl slurs at you and make you cry." Sammi would retort with a "whatever," but the mascara running down her cheek said so much more.

It's truly the story of their relationship, which kicked off VERY early (Ronnie and Sam were initially a thing by the end of episode three in season one), a bumpy ride that didn't even try to find a smoother lane. Are Ronnie and Sam two people who need to love hard, living by the age-old adage of breaking up to make up? Or did we just catch these two at a time in their lives when they got attached with each other too quickly AND had to do so in front of the flashing lights and cameras? It's more than likely the combination of the two: these two highly intense people couldn't do anything BUT fight as hard as they love, and the outside eyes on their relationship created an explosive environment. It was unhealthy, but it was more than likely all that they knew...or know.

As they were throughout the show's run, their relationship has forever been off-again, on-again, and while we're happy that these two lovebirds have found each other (again), many immediately started the countdown, as it's only a matter of time before this powder keg blows up again.

The only question is, will MTV be around to capture it for prosperity?

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