'Racism in Hollywood, Part 3': Reinforcing Community & Self-Reflection in Black Hollywood

The conversation continues...

Part 2 of our discussion on diversity in Hollywood found three creators speaking on the importance of the portrayals of black people in television and films.

Today, we present Part 3 of our "Racism in Hollywood" roundtable series, looking at how black creators in Hollywood can help themselves, by working to foster a supportive community, unravel the currently destructive cycle, and break the inherent chains of the industry. One of the bigger themes is the idea of thinking outside of the box when it comes to how black people and black stories are presented. With so many stereotypes and preconceived notions out there about black people in the world, it’s easy for creators to stick to what’s worked instead of really pushing the narrative forward. Having diversity is cool, but making sure that everyone is being as creative and unique as they can be with their material is what ultimately matters, especially when it comes to changing perceptions in Hollywood.

But it all starts with building a community that works together and supports itself. Watch Part 3 above, and to see more on "Racism in Hollywood," click here.

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