How Kevin Hart Responded to Dave Chappelle Calling Him Out

Truth be told, if Chappelle compared you to Drake, you'd be happy to... right?

When you get referenced in a Dave Chappelle special (or by any comedian), you have to be weary. Not sure if you're aware, but these comedians get paid to rank on people, and if the crowd is eating it up, they will just dig the knife deeper. You might end up gobbling some Xanax bars just to deal with the emotional onslaught. Hell, I couldn't deal with Chappelle roasting me on some sh*t he got paid like $60 million to do; I might need to call Dr. Melfi.

Kevin Hart, though? He's all about Chappelle getting those jokes off about him in Age of Spin, although in the special, Chappelle's bigging him up. Sh*t, wouldn't you like to have someone say that you were so rich that you were "the first comedian that a Drake song could be about. Kevin could walk around his house and sing 'All Me' and the whole song would still be true."

For those who thought Kev might feel some type of way about this, don't worry; he's cool with it.

I thought it was amazing!!!!

It makes sense that Kevin's home would be ultra luxurious; movies like Central Intelligence pulled in something like $216 million at the box office. Plus, he name-drops Chappelle amongst his favorite comedians alongside Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. Of course he'd be cool with this. Still, it's one of those "give people flowers before they die" type of things.

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