Dave Chappelle dropped two previously unreleased stand-up specials on Netflix this week, inspiring some really good tweets and a must-watch Kimmel interview. For many, a highlight of the specials is Chappelle's impressions of Drake and Lil Wayne. The purist in me recommends that you simply use your Netflix account (or a friend's) to actually watch the specials like a considerate fan, but the devil on my shoulder says maybe tease yourself with some Instagrammed clips of those impressions below.

For his Drake impression in the Los Angeles-filmed Age of Spin, Chappelle walked the audience through a backstage meeting he and his son had with Kevin Hart. "Kevin is the first comedian that a Drake song could be about," Chappelle said. "Kevin could walk around his house and sing 'All Me' and the whole song would still be true." Naturally, Chappelle then hit the audience with his own take on the Nothing Was the Same cut:

For his Wayne impression, Chappelle imagined the recent source of Rather You Than Me inspiration as a lead detective on an episode of CSI. I won't spoil the rest of the bit for you. Just watch:

During an interview with Kimmel earlier this week, Chappelle briefly addressed the rumored $60 million he bagged from Netflix as part of his three-specials deal. "I learned from the last time," Chappelle said. "I just learned, you know, I would rather didn't know, but I kinda don't care."