The First Official Trailer for Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' Is Awesome, Chill-Inducing

Marvel has dropped a compelling trailer for their new Netflix series, 'Jessica Jones.'

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We're a little over a month away from seeing Krysten Ritter deal out a heavy dose of vigilante justice in Marvel's latest series, Jessica Jones, and as promised, the first official trailer for the series is out today.

If you had any questions regarding who Jessica Jones, the super-powered private eye is, you see that in an inquisitive conversation between Luke Cage and herself. You also catch a glimpse of what appears to be the insanity she suffered at the hands of the mysterious Kilgrave in the past, and how she's trying to handle it (aka drinking lots of booze and handling the thugs in Marvel's Hell's Kitchen with swift, hard justice).

If you were intrigued by Ritter's casting and love what Marvel's done with Daredevil and their Cinematic Universe, make sure November 20th, 2015 is free, as the entire season of Jessica Jones will hit Netflix for all of your binge-watching needs.


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