Video Shows 'Straight Outta Compton' Star Jason Mitchell Having a Complete Meltdown on Delta Flight

Watch 'Straight Outta Compton' star Jason Mitchell have a metldown on a Delta flight over a seat.

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Let me just preface this by saying that Jason Mitchell, who played Eazy E in Straight Outta Compton and was featured in this year's Kong: Skull Island, did not end up getting attacked by any dogs or poked with stray needles during his recent Delta flight on Sunday. Well, attempted flight.

According to TMZ, Mitchell cussed out an entire Delta flight staff on Sunday after what he says was a double-booked first-class seat. As you can see in the video up above, Mitchell notices someone in his seat and goes ballistic. "Fuck that, I ain't getting off shit" Mitchell exclaimed to the flight staff. He called the situation "pussy ass shit" before apologizing to the other passengers on the flight, which was apparently still boarding at the time. A few people were pleading with him to exit the flight so it could depart.

TMZ later reported that an official at Delta said the flight wasn't overbooked, but that Mitchell was late to the airport and missed his flight. The flight he was on was apparently the standby flight he was supposed to depart on, and they only provided him a "comfort+" seat. He was eventually removed from the plane by law enforcement, who cuffed and detained him at the airport, but he was later released with no charges filed against him.

Mitchell kept talking about having things to do, so we can understand his frustration. If Delta isn't lying, though, it sounds like Mitchell is ultimately in the wrong. As of right now, Mitchell hasn't commented on the video of his meltdown, but he did post this iconic image from Half Baked that was the first thing I thought of when he cursed out the entire staff on the flight.

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