Did Jared Leto Just Reveal Plans for His Return as The Joker?

Did Jared Leto lowkey confirm he's returning at the Joker?

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Above most factors that make up the lukewarm Suicide Squad was Jared Leto's polarizing take as The Joker. There was something about his whacked out early 1920s gangster wrapped in a '90s rap video sheen that either was VERY inviting for fans or equally upsetting. Add to that the fact that the only way you could see as much Joker as was advertised was by getting the extended edition of Suicide Squad, and you end up with a multitude of DC/Suicide Squad fans who are eager to see what Leto can really do, and judging by these pics that he shared on Snapchat, we just might be getting it.

Jared Leto just shared these photos on Snapchat. What does it all mean?! pic.twitter.com/BkZUmpFqZQ

The timing on this piece of intel is interesting; recently, The Rock met with the DC brass about some "tonal shifts" that will be taking place in the DC Cinematic Universe. Out of that news comes an unconfirmed report that The Rock will not only be playing Black Adam in the Shazam! movie (that's due out in 2019), but that Black Adam would be getting his own Shazam! spin-off. Now, we bring that up to say, is DC having these closed door meetings with the actors within their Cinematic Universe? Could Leto have just had a sit-down with the check-writers and was excited to tease some Joker pics as a way to say, "Guess who's bizzack"?

As per usual, DC Twitter is lit with questions, primarily wondering if Joker is confirmed for David Ayer's upcoming Gotham City Sirens, which will feature Joker's love interest Harley Quinn alongside Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

@BatmanNewsCom Nobody thinks his appearance could be in the Sirens flick??

It makes sense; with Deathstroke officially confirmed as the bad guy in Whatever Ben Affleck's Batman Film Is Going to Be Called, that'd leave Leto out of that film. Justice League doesn't seem to have a big bad (yet), and with the way Joker was written into Suicide Squad, it makes sense that his return would be on this quest to "save" Harley Quinn once again.

I guess the question is, will there be a bigger role for Joker in DC's Cinematic Universe? We've seen him be the centerpiece in two Batman films; we can do Joker crazy for a feature-length project. What's DC's deal? Are we destined to only get Joker in supporting roles for the time being? Only time will tell.

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