Every year, I try to avoid it. No matter how much of a horror movie addict I proclaim to be, every year I end up falling short of watching a fraction of the horror flicks I want to enjoy during the month of October SPOOKY SZN. Without fail, I'd see folks on the timeline enjoying their Octobers, watching awesome horror movies every day. Hell, for the last few weeks, I've seen the homie Amanda hyping up her plans for a 2020 horror movie watch, and I decided to take action. I wanted to get on board as well. It's quarantine life for the foreseeable future, so why not dedicate myself to watching one movie a day during the best month of the year? I asked if it was OK and got the blessing, and made the commitment: I will be watching one horror movie a day—31 horror movies in total—during the month of October.

Now, I'm not 200(!) movies deep with it, but I did set up a Sheet to track the films I will be watching this month. I actually came up with a watchlist that has some semblance of a theme, week-to-week. That said, this particular feature will be updated day-to-day, with hopes that if you want to watch along, you can do so. The movies selected are a mix of classic horror movies I've seen, classic horror movies I have not seen, and a collection of newer releases in the horror genre. The aim? To dive into these selections and give you some honest insight, while enjoying a genre of film I can never seem to get enough of. It'll be fun looking at something like Jordan Peele's Us a year-plus after the hype has died down, or resurrecting classics like The Blob or some new films you've never heard of.

For you horror fans, jump scare fiends, and gory ghouls, hopefully there's something in here that you can connect with. And if you have suggestions on what you think I should be watching this month, shoot me an email with the subject HORROR MOVIE WATCH FEST. I'll see what can be arranged. Now that that's all out of the way, turn off the lights and turn on Complex's 2020 horror movie marathon.