People Are Bugging Out Over Henry Cavill's CGI'd Mustache In 'Justice League'

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman's vanishing mustache!

Henry Cavill, Superman, 'Justice League'

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Henry Cavill, Superman, 'Justice League'

This weekend, DC's long-awaited Justice League hits the box office. Despite a 43 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, heads are hitting the theaters to see it, as the film's already pulled in $13 million domestically from the Thursday night box office. Interestingly enough, while reviews are all over the place (with the truth being somewhere in the middle), the one thing people keep commenting on is (spoiler alert?) the CGI'ing of Henry Cavill's mustache.

Actually, if you've been waiting to see Justice League and didn't notice the big fucking clue at the end of their Comic-Con trailer (or the fact that, while he isn't on the poster, he's definitely listed as one of the film's stars), I don't know what to tell you. That said, I will be discussing a moment from the film that, if you haven't been paying attention, could fuck up a smidgeon of your fun.

"I was covered in dots and had a big mustache. It was definitely a new look for Superman."

Henry Cavill filmed his JUSTICE LEAGUE re-shoots with the mustache he grew for his role in MI:6.

Cavill told me how how JL's VFX team digitally removed his mustache!

cc: @chrismcquarrie

Early in Justice League, there's a flashback featuring Cavill as Superman. As many viewers are noticing, there's something wrong with Cavill's...face. For those who are unaware, during the Justice League reshoots Cavill had a mustache, which he wasn't able to shave due to the filming of Mission Impossible 6. He told Fox 5 DC that his face was "covered in dots" during the reshoots, and they ended up using CGI to create a mustache-less Superman for Justice League. Makes sense—until you actually see his face.

JUSTICE LEAGUE EXEC: We can just CGI Henry Cavill’s mustache out it will be fine and not look weird at all

Like, fam, that looks ridiculous. And I know what you're saying: "Maybe that's just an intense moment of the scene; maybe his face really doesn't look like that." That could be true—or they could have just done an awkward af CGI job on Cavill's Superman face to digitally remove a mustache he was contractually unable to shave off.

Twitter, as Twitter is wont to do, had a field day upon realizing how awkward Cavill's CGI'd face looked.

.@DanaSchwartzzz pretty sure I've seen that guy before...
World's Finest.
Reminds me of one of those 60s cartoons where they superimposed live action mouths over still images

You get the idea. And I feel sorry for Cavill's CGI'd face. A part of me wants DC to have another undeniable win; you just can't help laughing at some of the misfires, though.

No mustaches were harmed during the writing of this article.

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