People Are Pissed 'Get Out' Didn't Win a Golden Globe

We can't really be shocked, right?

Jordan Peele attends the Focus Features Golden Globe Awards After Party

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Jordan Peele attends the Focus Features Golden Globe Awards After Party

Hate to be that guy, but when looking into the most important stories going into last night's Golden Globes, I tried to warn you. I specifically looked at the chances Get Out had of walking out with a Globe (either for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical or Best Actor, for Daniel Kaluuya), and warned you: "Don't be surprised if Get Out walks away empty handed..." Hell, even during the fiasco over the film being submitted in the Comedy/Musical categories instead of the Drama, I tried to tell you: "I don't give a fuck how "woke" the Golden Globes is; they aren't woke enough to give Get Out the Best Motion Picture, Drama award, no matter how much it deserves it."

Apparently, they aren't woke enough to give it the Globe for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, either, as Lady Bird beat Joran Peele's satire in the Best Motion Picture category, with James Franco taking home the Best Actor Globe. As expected, fans of the film that made 2017 the greatest year for horror weren't feeling that shut-out at all, and took to Twitter to speak on it.

So, wait, to be clear, “Get Out,” the film of the year that basically made the most money and stunned the critics, didn’t win a thing tonight? #goldenglobes
me all night waiting for Get Out to win something, anything #GoldenGlobes
Issa Rae & Get Out were robbed. Good night. #GoldenGlobes
Get Out, a wildly popular DRAMA about white supremacy that grossed over $100 million, is not going to win a single award at the #GoldenGlobes tonight? Not one?

Daniel Kaluuya didn’t win for his performance in Get Out? Once again...
Daniel Kaluuya losing to James Franco IS SOME BULLSHIT. His performance in "Get Out" is MESMERIZING. #GoldenGlobes

Many felt that Get Out losing to any of these white-led films felt like... the plot to Get Out.

Get Out not winning any golden globes is like a live version of Get Out unfolding in real time.
Get Out losing to the white mediocrity that is Lady Bird is basically the plot of #GetOut #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2018

Others felt it was the submission of the film to the Comedy / Musical category that hindered its success.

1. Get Out should’ve been a Drama nominee.
2. Get Out should’ve won over Three Billboards.#GoldenGlobes
It blows my mind how people viewed Get Out as a comedy. It’s amazing how people can view black pain & struggle and find it funny. I just. #GoldenGlobes #GetOut
the golden globes is complete bullshit and it’s not because st didn’t win. they put get out, a movie about racism in the comedy category when it isn’t even REMOTELY funny. not to mention that they claim to be against sexual abuse but then turn right back around and award abusers.
Get Out would have won if it wasnt in the wrong god damn category. ITS NOT A COMEDY! #GoldenGlobes #SoulGlobes
‘Get Out’ shouldn’t have been in the comedy category. Still mad about that. #GoldenGlobes #SoulGlobes
After watching the #goldenglobes I’m left with two thoughts:

Please stop nominating Denzel & not giving him the award. He’s salty. We’re all salty. Everybody’s salty.

Please do not nominate Get Out as a comedy ever again.

Hopefully, the Oscars are kinder to Get Out, Jordan Peele, and the entire movement.

I sincerely hope Get Out gets the recognition it so rightfully deserves at the Oscars. Jordan Peele deserves an Oscar. #GoldenGlobes

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