'Doctor Strange' Director Wants a 'Dark Knight'-esque Sequel

If Doctor Strange is the Dark Knight, who would be his Joker?

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With Doctor Strange, the next opus in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, set to hit theaters on Nov. 4, you know what time we're in: All Doctor Strange everything. Early reviews of the film are promising, but Doctor Strange director/co-writer Scott Derrickson is already thinking about a sequel, and according to a recent conversation he had with Den of Geek, he wants the second installment of Doctor Strange to follow in the footsteps of The Dark Knight.

"What made The Dark Knight so great was that the origin story of Batman had been well-told, and then it was time to bring in a villain where you really got to go deep," Derrickson said. "And not just the Joker, also Two-Face. It was a more visceral experience, I'd love to be able to do that for Doctor Strange."

Calling Doctor Strange "the tip of the iceberg," it'll be interesting to see who would be Doctor Strange's Joker—or his Two-Face for that matter—in a potential sequel. Either way, it makes sense to start thinking about it. There's no word on where Iron Man (a.k.a. the first marquee character in the MCU) will end up in a few years, so could Strange possibly be the Batman of the MCU at some point? It's hard to tell.

If you want to catch a glimpse of what the immediate future holds for Doctor Strange, here's a spoiler-filled look at the two (!) Doctor Strange post-credits scenes. It sounds like the Sorcerer Supreme is setting up shop in some interesting ways.

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