Watch the 'Broad City' Ladies Curse Out Donald T***p on Inauguration Day

The ladies of 'Broad City' prepare for the worst this Inauguration Day.

With Trump's America arriving imminently, the doomsday scenarios are hitting people fast and hard. Whether you were a Bernie Bro or riding for Hillary's squad, so many truly didn't believe we would end up here on January 20, 2017. While Shia LaBeouf is trying to make things better via his four-year-long anti-Trump livestream, Broad City's Abbi and Ilana appear to have gone into full panic mode in "Inauguration Day," a new short that's part of their "Hack Into Broad City" digital series for Comedy Central.

In the clip, Abbi and Ilana channel the "dark" vibes people have about today into their own unique, women-centric, absurdist ways. From debating mustache currency in the apocalypse to fears over going into buildings on this day, they perfectly encapsulate the frenzy we all surely are feeling in our heads and our hearts. And it all culminates in a curse-laden rant by both ladies over Facetime. Watch closely, as every curse word goes uncensored as one, very obvious word gets bleeped out over and over.

For those who don't remember, the ladies behind Broad City rode hard for Hillary Clinton, even having her make a cameo during a season 3 episode that featured Ilana volunteering for Clinton's campaign.

Releasing this video today makes even more sense in light of Abbi Jacobson's recent comments regarding season 4 of Broad City (which isn't due back until August). "It’s important to be real honest with what people are feeling and thinking," she told Variety. "We’re about to shoot Season 4 [of Broad City] in a couple of weeks and we wrote it all in the spring and we had this hiatus. During that hiatus the election happened. We have rewritten a lot to reflect this change, because it will be a different world as soon as our president is in office."

Don't trip, though; it's not like the entire structure of season 4 was changed. "We didn’t rewrite huge plot points," Abbi says, "but we integrated into the show in a bigger way because there are things that we just didn’t feel are okay. We have an opportunity where we have a platform and we’re going to use our voices to comment on it."

With the hate that women seem to be receiving on all sides, especially from those within the right, Abbi and Ilana are needed now more than ever before. Good to see they are realizing that and taking a stand.

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