PROMO: ‘DOOM Eternal’ Delivers an Action-Packed Good Time

A direct sequel to DOOM (2016), DOOM Eternal is just the shot in the arm the first-person shooter genre needed and introduces a new way to "raze hell."

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Fast, furious, and loud, DOOM Eternal is just the shot in the arm the first-person shooter genre needed. id Software’s direct sequel to DOOM (2016), the winner of The Game Awards’ “Best Action Game,” puts you in the boots of the DOOM Slayer, a seemingly unstoppable force who hunts Hell’s armies across dimensions and must stop them from destroying humanity.

Anyone who enjoyed “razing hell” in the previous game will be pumped to learn that there are twice as many demon types this time around, not to mention a slew of enhanced weapons to take them all out. Equipped with new, beefier armor, the DOOM Slayer now sports a shoulder-mounted flamethrower and a retractable forearm-mounted blade, can dash around in quick bursts, climb sheer cliffs, and has upgraded guns and mods that make him faster, stronger, and more versatile than ever.

With an art style that is evocative and detailed, DOOM Eternal feels like raucous black magic. There is an amazing rhythm to the combat when you’re in the thick of a battle, just don’t forget to breathe when things get really intense. When you’re not glory killing or incinerating demons for extra health and armor, the new 2-versus-1 BATTLEMODE is a great addition for those who yearn to fight it out in an intense, best-of-five multiplayer bout. For fans of adrenaline-fueled action, DOOM Eternal is a blood-pumping adventure in the best possible way. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Available now for pre-load on Xbox One, DOOM Eternal will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia on March 20th and retail for $59.99.

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