Sandra Bullock and Jimmy Fallon Reminisce Over That Time She Appeared on a Canadian Soap Opera

She refused to use her own hands.

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Every struggling actor has that one gig that they’re embarrassed to talk about, but not Sandra Bullock. During the Academy Award winner’s visit to the Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon reminded her of lean times before blockbusters like Speed or critical darlings like The Blind Side. The low-budget project should have left her red in the face, but Bullock was quite proud to discuss it. 

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, Fallon brought up her so-called appearance on a Canadian soap opera called Jacob’s Patience (which is definitely not real), accusing her of being difficult to work with because she refused to use her own arms. However, Bullock had the perfect excuse for that—she was a hand model for Ring Pop at the time.

Check out the above video to see her struggle to serve Fallon punny ice cream flavors such as “Cool-Whip and Banae-Nae” and “Livin’ La Vida Mocha” in a Cold Stone Creamery-like establishment. 

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