'Legends of Tomorrow' Channels 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in New Trailer

Sadly, no Chris Pratt in sight.

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Even DC Comics knows Marvel is really hot right now. That’s why the newest trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, which dropped on Saturday, looks a lot like 2014’s box office darlingGuardians of the Galaxy. Boasting a similar infectious rock track and jam packed with humor, it’s safe to say this was a deliberate move.

The series will center on time traveler Rip Hunter (played by Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill)who recruits a team of heroes and villains to stop the end of the world. Most of the cast has already made their on-screen debut including Dr. Martin Stein (played by Victor Garber), Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renée) and Captain Cold (played by Wentworth Miller) on The Flash, along with Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh), White Canary (played by Caity Lotz) and Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump) on Arrow.

According to Screen Crush, the show will premiere on Jan. 21 on the CW Network and is slated for 15 episodes to start. 

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