Jimmy Fallon Interviews "Peyton Manning" Who Looks a Lot Like Kristen Wiig

Something seemed off.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and it’s not Eli Manning’sunenthused facial expression toward the end of the Super Bowl. Elder brother, Budweiser enthusiast and two-time champion Peyton Manning visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his big win for the second night in a row and something seemed a bit... off. Maybe he drank the same beer that made Buffy forget herself and turn into a caveman. Or perhaps he was just having an off night.

Either way, something wasn’t quite right and he forgot basic things like where he went to school or the fact that spending time with your kids is not really a hobby unless your name starts with Michael and ends with Lohan. The winning quarterback was also asked to show off his talents in a segment which saw him throw a football as though he were a comedian named Kristen Wiig. Peculiar.

To be fair, Manning’s previous visit wasn’t that much better. He lost to Magic Johnson in a rousing game of "Egg Russian Roulette" and proved he could never make it as a comedian when he poked fun at his brother’s Super Bowl meme. On the plus side, he’s probably reaping the benefits of the Budweiser endorsement he was definitely not paid to plug on national TV but owns stake in two of its distributors. Well played.

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