Jimmy Fallon Makes Light of Latest Injury: 'I am your host, Trippy Fallon'

"Welcome to the Tonight Show — I am your host, Trippy Fallon,"

Image via YouTube

Jimmy Fallon, who can’t stop injuring his hands, addressed his latest faux pas during his opening monologue on Monday night.​

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Tonight Show host appeared on stage in a hard hat before cracking jokes at his own expense. "Welcome to the Tonight Show—I am your host, Trippy Fallon," he began. "This time, I injured my other hand right after getting an award from Harvard." Fallon is referring to the ceremony in which he received the Elmer Award from the Harvard Lampoon. "Even after getting into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents," he added.

The injury to his right hand, which comes after receiving surgery on his left hand in June, occurred after he tripped over a woman and dropped a bottle of Jagermeister he intended to give to someone as a gift. "I threw the bottle and just landed on broken glass," he said.

Despite the "pools of blood everywhere," Fallon appears to be fine and is taking things in stride. "I'm kind of used to going to hospitals now—it's kind of fun," he joked. If you can’t drag yourself, how the hell are you gonna drag somebody else?

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