iPhone 6 Users Are Not Cool With Burning Hot Touch ID Buttons

This is clearly a hot button issue.

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After the hoopla surrounding #Bendgate with the iPhone 5, it’s the iPhone 6S users who have now taken to Apple’s support forums and social media sites like Twitter to air their grievances. Mashable reports that users are complaining that their Touch ID buttons are burning up.

The issue was first made known by 9to5Mac and confirmed by other users who expressed a similar problem: When the phone was turned on, the home screen went black and the Home button felt hot to the touch. The problem would be temporarily fixed after holding the Home and Lock buttons for 10 seconds, which reset the phone.

Apple hasn’t yet responded to complaints like the ones below. 

My iPhone 6s shut off with 50% battery left and the home button became so hot I couldn’t touch it… New feature?
my new iphone (6s) won't turn on after turning off unexpectedly, and won't charge. touch ID is extremely hot. genius bar is booked until mon

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