Here Are All the Inappropriate Places Where People Won't Stop Playing Pokémon Go

People won't stop playing Pokémon Go at inappropriate places like the Holocaust and 9/11 memorials and Arlington National Cemetery.

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Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, managed to convince people to do something that seems pretty rare these days—get outside and explore for the fun of it. The interactive game, which allows amateur trainers to try and catch their favorite Pokémon throughout their cities, has been lauded for having a positive effect on users’ mental health. But with great fun comes great stupidity and there’s one major problem plaguing the app that’s apparently more popular than Tinder right now, and that's carelessness.

Aside from accidentally walking into a passerby because one’s eyes are glued to that tiny screen, players have been caught trying to catch ‘em all in some pretty inappropriate places.

As Gothamistpointed out, here’s one player "Never Forgetting" all over the September 11 memorial in New York City.

PerNY Mag, another caught a Rattata at Auschwitz, a German concentration camp where 1.1 million people were murdered.

Niantic said in a statement that they would remove certain landmarks throughout Europe that don’t reflect the spirit of the game. "After we were made aware that a number of historical markers on the grounds of former concentration camps in Germany had been added, we determined that they did not meet the spirit of our guidelines and began the process of removing them in Germany and elsewhere in Europe," the statement read.

Reps from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. also spoke out, urging users not to play the game in their museum.

"We feel playing 'Pokémon Go' in a memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism is inappropriate," Andrew Hollinger, the musuem's communications director, toldYahoo."We encourage visitors to use their phones to share and engage with museum content while here. Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls outside of our educational and memorial mission. We are looking into how the museum can be removed from it."

The Arlington National Cemetery shared similar sentiments via Twitter.

We do not consider playing "Pokemon Go" to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC. We ask all visitors to refrain from such activity.

Remember, catch responsibly. 

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