'Gotham' Heading Back for a Third Season


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As Batman prepares to fight (and then maybe friend) Superman on the big screen, a young Bruce Wayne and company are finding their own groove on the small screen. Fox just announced that Gotham is coming back for a third season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series actually follows Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie), the Caped Crusader’s ally and friend, who is doing his best to take down the city’s eccentric criminals while Wayne tries to cope with losing his parents. Familiar faces have already popped up in the series including the Penguin, Joker and a glamorized version of the grotesque comic book villain, the Ogre (played by Milo Ventimiglia). This season, the show will bring in Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze, as well as Paul Ruebens—better known as Pee-Wee Herman.

 "It takes a very special team to tell the tales of Gotham. For the past two seasons, Bruno, Danny and John have masterfully honored the mythology of Gotham and brought it to life with depth, emotion and memorable high drama," Fox Entertainment president David Madden said on the renewal. "This incredibly talented cast has redefined these iconic characters for a new generation, and we couldn’t be more proud of this show."

This comes after network darlings Empire and Scream Queens were renewed, and it was announced that Bones would be ending after season 12. 

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