Cast of 'Black Mass' Reveals the Shocking Things They Learned While Filming

Collider's Steve "Frosty" Weintraub sat down with the cast to talk about filming in Boston

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In Black Mass, director Scott Cooper brings to life the true story of James “Whitey” Bulger (played by Johnny Depp), a notorious gangster who ended up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. According to Collider, the movie was filmed on location in Boston and some of the scenes shot where the actual crimes took place. With first-hand witnesses still alive the tell stories that probably didn’t end up in the final product, the cast revealed some of the shocking things they learned.

Rory Cochrane, who plays one of Bulger’s henchman, declined to speak up for legal reasons and plain old fear of his life.  However, Julianne Nicholson was pretty open about her shock at Bulger’s involvement with a legitimate business like jai alai. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is the fact that Joel Edgerton was invited to meet John Martorano, another one’s of Bulger’s right-hand men, who actually killed several people and is out on the streets today. Understandably, he politely declined.

After watching the video, check out the official synopsis below to see why some would remain tightlipped about the information they may have come across.

In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly (Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster Jimmy Bulger (Depp) to collaborate with the FBI in order to eliminate their common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement while consolidating his power and becoming one of the most ruthless and dangerous gangsters in Boston history. 

Black Mass lands in theaters this weekend. The film also stars Benedict CumberbatchKevin BaconJuno TempleW Earl BrownCorey Stoll, and Adam Scott.

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