'Action Point' Fails at the Box Office with $2M Opening

Johnny Knoxville's latest stunt comedy film 'Action Point' has had a highly disappointing weekend, opening at just $2.2 million.

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Johnny Knoxville's latest stunt comedy film Action Point has had a highly disappointing weekend, opening at just $2.2 million. This is the lowest wide-release debut of Knoxville's career, according to Deadline.

Knoxville's four Jackass films have brought in close to a half billion dollars worldwide to ParamountAction Point has brought in even less during its opening weekend than Paramount's 2017 disappointments mother! ($7.5M) and Suburbicon ($2.8M).

Action Point stars Knoxville alongside Jackass alum Chris Pontius, sans the rest of the Jackass crew. Deadline noted that the rest of the Jackass stars have been reluctant to partake in another Jackass film after their co-star Ryan Dunn and a production assistant on Jackass Number Two died in a car accident. The Action Point trailer still boasts that the film is "From the Star of Jackass."

The film has received a poor reception all around, especially in comparison to the beloved Jackass movies. The last three Jackass films have around a 60% fresh Rotten Tomatoes, while this one has a sad 17% rotten score. CinemaScore gave the movie a C+ score, the lowest ever for a Paramount/Knoxville film.

Action Point was shot in Capetown, South Africa with a reported budget or $19 million. The comedy film was inspired after Knoxville watched a 2013 documentary The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever about Action Park. Action Park was an amusement and water park located in Vernon, New Jersey, famous for having terribly designed rides, a staff that was often not trained properly and underage, being full of drunk guests (and staff), and for having a disturbingly awful safety record.

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