Snowfall is coming to an end. 

The sixth and final season of the beloved FX series has arrived and fans will finally get to see what the future holds for Franklin Saint and his crew. Not only did the show make Damson Idris a star, but it also ushered in a new wave of talent that has become the heart of the show. 

Angela Lewis’ role as Aunt Louie on Snowfall was her first series regular gig on a TV show. And in the course of five seasons, Lewis’ character has served as a strong, supportive, and astute female presence on an otherwise male-centered show. Snowfall has chronicled the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980s, and through the seasons, it has focused more and more on Franklin, who was a young street entrepreneur that eventually became a leader in the game with the help of his team and CIA operative Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson).

Louie has been holding it down for the Saint family since day one, helping them establish and grow their drug empire, and has been one of Franklin’s main guides as he climbed up the ranks and transformed from a boy into a giant in the business. She is now married to his Uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) and has treated Franklin like a nephew from the start. Unlike his mother Cissy (Michael Hyatt) who was not supportive of his drug empire, Louie served as a maternal figure who showed him the ropes on how to run his business and the streets. But in later seasons, tensions grew between the two as Franklin got more powerful and more detached from the people who helped him build his success. Louie also proved to be a force on her own and eventually became his adversary. 

“There was so much love there. Louie has known Franklin for a long time. She met Franklin when he was just a young boy,” Lewis tells Complex. “Over the course of time, he couldn’t see her value and he couldn’t give her what she needed for her to feel successful, for her to feel valued, that was really disappointing for her and kind of sad.”

Season 5 ended with the two at odds, with Jerome and Louie breaking away from Franklin and running their own operation. Both Franklin and the show’s fans saw this as a betrayal of sorts, and Lewis says she has received hate mail on social media. “Someone threatened to punch me in the face once,” she said. Season 6 picks up with them still figuring out where they stand with each other, within their family and in the drug world, and we will know in the end, who comes out victorious. 

Lewis hopped on a call with Complex ahead of the new season’s premiere for a long chat about Snowfall coming to an end, fans misunderstanding Aunt Louie, working with Damson Idris, and the lasting impact she thinks the John Singleton co-created series will leave on television.