Video: Danny Trejo Teaches Us How To Be A Badass

The Machete star shows Complex staff writer Matt Barone how to man up and command some respect.

Life is never easy for the new guy. When staff writer Matt Barone joined Complex in January, he learned the hard way that rookies get no respect in the office, no matter how much they can tell you about obscure horror cinema. Smack talk and daily mushings were leaving Matt jittery on the job, so he decided to do something about it. When on assignment interviewing tough-as-nails Machete star Danny Trejo about his hilarious new claymation Machete commercial for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, the young scribe approached the grizzled veteran actor to see if he could teach him to be a badass too. Trejo gave it a shot (and a steely-eyed glare). Check out Danny Trejo's tips on how to be a badass and see if they were able to transform Matt's sorry ass.

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