GOP Presidential Candidate Swears He Has No Idea Who TF Ashley Madison Is

"My wife will be happy that I’d never heard of this website."

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Does literally every other adult male in the U.S. have a paid Ashley Madison subscription? After learning that 15,000 federal employees and more than 1,000 journalists have been traced to the online infidelity network, I wouldn't put it past the rest of America to be in on the subterfuge. Kentucky senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paulswears, however, that he has no idea who, or what, Ashley Madison is.

News of the leak, perpetuated by a hacker group known as 'The Impact Team', has dominated headlines for the past couple weeks, as several celebrities and public figures have been suddenly associated with the service via email addresses and credit card information. At a campaign event in Alaska yesterday an attendee asked Paul whether federal workers implicated in the Ashley Madison might rightfully face termination for subscribing to the service via federal property.

"I keep seeing that headline," Paul answered, referring to the mention of Ashley Madison. "I don't know what it is."

Making his best guess, Paul wondered aloud to his audience, "She has done something illicit?"

After a campaign aide briefly explained the controversy to Paul, the senator gave a more thoughtful but still bemused reply: "I think if we start going after people and locking people up for adultery we’re headed for a bizarre world."

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