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Gifted in more ways than one.

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Wale's expanding his horizons.

The Gifted topped the Billboard 200 in July, so the rapper is trying his hand at other endeavors—like reviewing restaurant's on Yelp. On Wednesday, he published his first review, a glowing account of his experience at D.C.'sAsia 54 (2122 P St. NW):

Stumbled across this place while looking for some pho. Place was quiet but it was a little on the late side. Menu is a combination of chinese, japanese and thai. I get scared when multiple countries/ethnicities are represented on a menu but it can also be great (DC carryouts?).

He also reviewed San Francisco's House of Nanking, which he calls "arguably [his] favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere." Furthermore, he's quite fond of the Chicken Satay at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills, saying it's "chemically addictive." We know Wale's well-versed (and critical) of restaurant culture, even going as far as to call the mild sauce at Harold's in Chicago "overrated," so we'd be curious to hear his thoughts on other restaurants across the U.S.

[via DCist]

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