Smoke-Filled 7 Train Car Resembles Disaster Film

No injuries were reported.

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A fire on Grand Central Terminal tracks sent smoke  into a 7 train en route to Queens last night, suspending service between Times Square and Hunters Point Avenue for well over an hour, officials say. 

Gothamist reports that a witness recalled hearing a "loud pop" just before 11 p.m., which was followed by smoke puring into the train car. The train line was delayed for 90 minutes while transit officials worked to find the smoke's origin. 

The train returned to Grand Central Terminal about 20 minutes after the incident. According to ABC News, the fire was put out by 12:20 a.m., but passengers were forced to find other ways home due to delays. Though ABC News says some passengers passed out due to the smoke, no injuries were reported.

[via Gothamist and ABC News]

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