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At Chipotle Mexican Grill, there's a lot of room for employees to grow. The average salary for an entry-level employee is about $21,000 annually, but if you work your way up the ladder, you could make damn near six figures. 

Lidia Castillo, a Chipotle employee from Koreatown in Los Angeles, had one hell of a 2012. From January to December, she moved from service manager to apprentice, general manager and finally to restaurateur. According to Ronald Sedillo, Chipotle's Director of Training and Development, restaurateur's can earn up to $99,000 per year.

The 22-year-old Castillo says she received a bonus, company car and gets another $10,000 bonus if she helps someone else become a general manager. You have to love those incentive-based jobs. So don't laugh at anyone working at Chipotle; they could be well on their way to making more than you do.

[via CBS Los Angeles]

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