The Current Heat Wave Is Visible From Space

You sweat from simply reading this.

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"Heat wave so big you can see it from space" is not a weather forecast manufactured as a rap line, it's reality. If you're sweating through this heat wave (which you most likely are), the image above allows you to visualize its abusive strength and reach. The heat wave is so large, so massive, that it's visible from space. 

The aforementioned image, which shows a clear space above the Ohio Valley, was captured by the GOES East satellite at 12:45 p.m. on Jul. 15. This is the center of the heat wave, which has residents of the East Coast roasting in temperatures in the 90s that feel like triple digits. 

NASA offered an in-depth explanation of the hot pocket and its movement:


Pray for rain and cooler temperatures.

[via io9]

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