Texas Man Arrested for Violating Horse

Get this man some help.

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Cirilo Castillo was arrested by Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies earlier in the week because he was caught once again having sex with with his obsession, Nadia. This arrest comes just three months after Castillo's last arrest for an encounter with Nadia, who happens to be a horse.

Nadia's owners set up a video camera to catch Castillo in the midst of a tryst with his distant, equestrian lover. The horse's owners figured Castillo had returned to violate her again when they noticed a bucket in her corral, so they placed the camera there. In a stiff attempt at humor, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino joked that the video "[was] not going to go to, America’s Funniest Videos."

Trevino characterized Castillo as "harmless," except for his fascination with Nadia. Texas does not have any bestiality laws, so Castillo was only charged with trespassing and could face additional cruelty to animals charges if it's determined that the horse was injured.

Trevino definitely wants Castillo to stop having sex with Nadia, but he wants to get him the necessary help to make sure it doesn't happen anymore.

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