Texas Cop Rushes to Wrong House, Kills Owner's Dog

Wrong on so many levels.

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If you’re a dog owner or animal lover, this one hurts.

Michael Paxton of Austin, Texas, was playing Frisbee with his Australian cattle dog Cisco last Saturday, when officer Thomas Griffin mistakenly showed up at his home in response to a domestic disturbance call. Paxton says Griffin pulled out his gun as soon as he noticed him, despite having a taser and pepper spray.

As Paxton attempted to explain that it was his home, Cisco darted from the backyard in the direction of Griffin. From the audio on the dashboard video, it sounds like Griffin shot first and asked questions later. Worse, the domestic disturbance report was for next door; Griffin had the wrong address.

Sgt. David Daniels defended Griffin, saying he was threatened by Cisco, while Cpl. Anthony Hipolito added that Griffin only fired his weapon because Paxton was unable to restrain him. Griffin says that a supervisor from the Austin Police Department and Hipolito claims Griffin apologized as well, but Paxton says that’s untrue.

In the meantime, Paxton’s friends have set up a Facebook page called “Justice for Cisco.” Watch the dashboard video of the incident, and then be the judge.

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