Teen Who Lost Arm in Pasta-Making Machine Accident Has it Reattached

After four surgeries, the teen is able to move his arm just weeks after the incident.

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Last month, a teenager had his arm severed as he was cleaning a pasta-making machine at an upstate New York restaurant. Following a string of successful procedures, the young man's arm has been reattached and he's regained the use of it.

Brett Bouchard, 17, was cleaning the machine at Violi's Restaurant in Massena, N.Y. on Apr. 24 when his arm got caught and eventually cut off at the elbow. Thinking quickly, he created a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and found his arm before being rushed to the hospital. 

After four surgeries, Bouchard has regained the ability to move his arm a mere three weeks after the incident. He's currently recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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