Tampa Strippers are Pissed at the GOP

Spend your damn money.

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Oddly enough, strip clubs in Tampa, FL, might have been more excited for the Republican National Convention than members of the party. Many strip clubs in the area went the extra mile—recruiting new talent, et cetera—to entice GOP members, but so far, things have not gone as planned. While strippers and promoters were expecting the event to be more profitable than Super Bowl week, the RNC has been pretty tame to far. The strippers are not happy.

One dancer, known as Jill, told the Tampa Bay Times, "When you come to Tampa, everyone knows the Mons Venus is the No. 1 strip club. So where is everyone? What is everyone doing? Are they sleeping? Republicans have money." Lisa Annmanaged to draw dudes to the Thee DollHouse where she performed as "Sarah Paylin," so local strippers shouldn't get too angry just yet.

It's simple: They show racks, and dudes spend racks. Give it a little time,  and we're sure the Grand Old Party will be ready to go in. Just as soon as that storm passes. Bands will make them dance soon enough.

[via Miami New Times]

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