Seattle Woman Convinced That Divine Intervention Spared Her Life

Praying for help.


Remember when Jay-Z said "Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church end"? Tell that to this woman.

The Seattle native, who was the victim of a robbery, elected not to call police because she's convinced that God saved her from the burglar. The unidentified victim told police that she was praying in her kitchen on Feb. 1 when she felt someone tugging on her hair.

When she discovered that it was a stranger and not her husband, she screamed "Lord, help me!" and the man reportedly fell and hit his head on her refrigerator. He quickly fled, escaping with just a $20 bill that he snatched from the table.

Convinced that He had saved her life, she chose not to phone the authorities. However, her husband dialed 911 a week later when a strange vehicle pulled into their driveway. Hopefully, the Lord and the police can collaborate to save them from another strike.

[via The Huffington Post]

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